Our super safe Awake 1.0 is a revolutionary mountain bike helmet which has been developed to give you the freedom to feel truly safe during your favourite sports.

The groundbreaking innovation of this helmet relies on its inner structure, powered by HexaGo patented technology.

HexaGo structure gives you more protection than traditional mountain bike helmets, because it deforms elastically during an impact.


Technical features:

  • Outer polycarbonate shell.
  • Hexagonal inner H.E.A.P (high energy absorption polymer) structure.
  • Rapid and comfortable size adjustment system.
  • Easily adjustable visor.
  • Great ventilation due to the inner honeycomb structure.

Awake 1.0 Matte

€ 49,00Price
Size (Check the chart below to have more info)

In order to guarantee the highest quality standards, the production quantities are limited and only by preordering it now we can ensure you to be included in the first delivery batch due on June  2020.


The pre-order deposit is just 49 € and is fully refoundable, so you can have your money back anytime if you change your mind.


You will have the chance to choose color and size when you'll complete your order (we'll notify as soon as you will be able to do it).


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