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After a long and intensive development phase, we can finally inform you that we have managed to improve safety by a significant factor – stay turned!

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Product launch: Spring 2019


The plus of the SEVENTWENTY safety concept

  • Significantly better protection: 100% higher than TÜV requirements and 50% above the market average*.

  • Multi impact: The absorbent structure will retain its protective properties even after multiple impacts.

  • Effective even at a low-speed impact: The forces are better absorbed during a light impact.

  • Soft fitting: The flexible structure allows optimal comfort due to its adaptability.

  • 100% ventilation: A high amount of air is able to penetrate the honeycomb structure.

  • Low profile design: The low volume creates a smart look.


*Study by the Swedish insurance company Folksam 2015


Why develop a new safety concept for helmets?

In recent decades, there have not actually been many great innovations in the helmet sector. To date, the forces that act on an impact on the helmet are absorbed, in principle, by a core of polystyrene. This plastic is light, but is also hard, inflexible and bursts in the event of a larger impact, thereby losing its protective function. Moreover, its technical limit is already as good as exhausted: a higher absorption of the forces can only be achieved with a larger volume of the polystyrene core.

Even new technologies, such as those that are intended to minimize the rotational forces, are not really breakthrough innovations. 


The founder of SEVENTWENTY, Patrick Pedevilla, was already aware of this when started working on this topic intensively years before. As a sporting goods manufacturer in the third generation, it was the paternal care in particular, in addition to his entrepreneurial flair which motivated Patrick to develop a new safety concept: He wanted better protection for his children during their sporting activities.

Along with product designers, he developed a completely new core component for helmets. It was decided not to use the obsolete polystyrene, and instead, a novel honeycomb structure made of elastomers is used, which has already clearly achieved a better value ​​than its competitors in the tests of the first prototype. This is even the case after many repeated tests using the same helmet. So, it really is a quantum leap: SEVENTWENTY maximum safety and genuine Multi Impact Technology.



SEVENTWENTY represents the sum of the internal angles of a hexagon, which is always 720°. The hexagon is also the basic shape of the honeycomb structure, which forms the core of our new helmet concept: So, SEVENTWENTY represents what is at the core of our helmets, the hexagon.

"The established values ​​limit for injury protection are significantly lower (as a rule, than 250 g)! ... From the perspective of traumatomechanics, severe effects would normally be expected in such accidents, if not fatal head injuries. " Dr. Florian Schueler, Accident Researcher at the Institute of Legal Medicine of Heidelberg University, MOUNTAINBIKE edition 07/2008


Far more than just standard

As things stand, bicycle and ski helmets must be able to withstand an impact on one level at an impact speed of approx. 19.5 km/h in tests*. Bearing in mind that this speed is reached quite easily by bicycle, and that a good skier can reach speeds of up to 80 km/h, or that a far higher acceleration rate arises during a fall, the fulfillment of the required standard values ​​for good protection is not sufficient. We can see this even more clearly in looking at the maximum acceleration force (g-force) of 250 g, which may act on the head with a standard impact, because that corresponds to a load of over 1.5 tons, or the weight of an average automobile.

For SEVENTWENTY this means that an effective protective helmet must not simply satisfy only the standard requirements, but must achieve significantly better results. Therefore, a helmet from SEVENTWENTY, with its patented hexagonal core of elastomer, exceeds these requirements by far, because only by exceeding them can actual effective protection for the head be achieved. Even in the TÜV test of the first prototype, the shock absorption showed improvements of 49.2%: The maximum acceleration force acting on the head was reduced to just 127 g. And in contrast to conventional helmets with polystyrene core, this value remained constant even after the eleventh repetition of the test using the same helmet. A SEVENTWENTY helmet therefore already offers twice as much protection as a helmet that meets the standard requirements, and it retains this feature even after a further impact.

A further confirmation of the superior protection of our innovative helmet structure can be made by the comparing it with the results of a study by the Swedish insurer Folksam from 2015*. The 18 helmets tested by Folksam scored an average value of 175 g, with the best helmet in the test scoring a value of 135 g. So, our prototype tops not just the average, but also the best helmet of this test with a value of 127 g. Truly above average! And with further development, we will improve these values ​​in the future!

Through the use of elastomers, a flexible material, unlike helmets with a rigid polystyrene core, the forces of a light impact are absorbed much better with a SEVENTWENTY helmet. Our helmets therefore have distinct advantages both in the areas of high-speed and in the low-speed.

* DIN EN 1078, DIN EN 1077

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SEVENTWENTY conducts intensive product development to continuously improve and expand its range of products for cycling and skiing/snowboarding. In addition to Herbie, the bicycle helmet for urban and leisure cycling, specific models for road cycling and mountain biking will complement the cycling sector, and individual models will be developed for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding in the future. In addition to helmets, the range will be expanded to include protectors.


And what about other sports? SEVENTWENTY does not intend to deprive other sports of its pioneering technology, and it will be provided to other manufacturers under the name HexaGo®.




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